Whether you are attending your first tradeshow or your 100th, here are five tips that can make your next trade show a success.

  1. Plan properly and don’t delay. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your display, marketing materials, giveaways or interactive pieces for your tradeshow. Leave plenty of time in your pre-tradeshow schedule for design, production, and shipping of everything you’ll need for the tradeshow. Remember that quality design and production takes time!


  2. Define your target market for the tradeshow. Define who do you want to attract to your booth and gear your booth and marketing specifically to them. Work to attract quality visitors to your booth.


  3. Tradeshows are a way to build relationships with customers and potential customers and positively interacting with your customers is extremely important. Train your tradeshow team ahead of time. Review your objectives and strategies to ensure that everyone understands and can meet your goals. Stay energized and positive.


  4. Give people something fun to do. Create an interactive experience for your visitors by giving them interactive, self guided presentations, demos, games and more on laptops, iPads or tablets, or interactive screens.


  5. Feature something new. People love new things, so try to promote a new product or service, or something you haven’t specifically promoted to your tradeshow target market before.